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How to mix your drums using some strange methods

In a previous article (Main drums) I’ve presented you the main drums.

Those are the most used in electronic music.

how to mix drums



Flute ringtone for your colection: Download now for free!

Do you search for awesome ringtones? I give you for free a new ringtone!

You can listen it before you download!

flute ringtone

flute ringtone


Toxic Biohazard presets: 32 FREE presets!

It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded a sound bank, so it’s time to give you a new one, and guess what, it is free!

You can download it freely, but if you could also share with your friends it would be awesome.

Since spring is here, I though that it would be a nice thing to greet it with a new collection of 32 presets.

Toxic Biohazard Presets Deluxe Edition



FL Studio Tutorial: How to remix an acapella in 17 steps!

I’ve made a new FL Studio Tutorial for you. I will show you how I made my first remix.

The project is called „Another Guy”. It was created by Boy George and Vanilla Ace, and the vocals belong to the singer Katerina Themis.

FL Studio Tutorial

FL Studio Tutorial: How to remix an acaplla in 17 steps!

Free VST: How to get VSTs for free guaranteed!

How can you get any VST for free? Do you want free vst?

Today I will show you how to obtain any VST that you would normally have to pay for, for free.

Let me reassure you that I didn’t get this software through any of the following methods:

  • finding a torrents
  • using a bug
  • hacking
  • crack
  • software that generate serials
free vst music sensation

Free vst for your collection


Toxic Biohazard presets: Free 25 fantastic sounds for you!

This time I want to give you another sound library for free. It contains 25 presets.

If previous times, I only gave you 10 free presets, this time I am more generous.

this is the toxic biohazard presets


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